Grief and Loss Support

Pathways of Hope and Healing

What is the Door of Hope

The Door of Hope is an ecumenical grief and loss community outreach program.  It is a nine year grief and loss service with proven validity in the Door County community.  The Door of Hope has developed support groups, seminars and seasonal presentations as resources to serve you in the recovery and healing process of grief and loss.  The coordinators of the Door of Hope understand the family dynamics of grief and loss and the diverse family interactions that can occur in the  recovery process.  Many people know very little about what to expect when a loved one dies.  They may feel fearful, lonely and unsure of whether their feelings are normal. The Door of Hope can help you learn, share and be supported by others going through the same process.   You may also meet with Chaplain Joan for individual and/or family support, care and counseling in her home office.  See About Joan.

May we serve you in your healing journey?


Our Commitment

The Door of Hope is dedicated to journeying with grieving people through their recovery process into a transformational rebirth of hope and healing. We believe that the expression of grief emotions are a gift of love honoring the specialness of the one who died.  We are committed to giving you permission to express your emotions of grief with others who understand in a trusting and confidential environment. We believe that no one needs to grieve alone.   

Our agenda is guided by the spirituality of the people we serve. Our primary prayer is "being" with the people we serve in the midst of their healing journey.  We believe that a personal God is a loving companion in the healing journey of grief and loss.  Our mission is grounded in a faith filled trust in God's understanding and compassionate presence with the people we serve.

"Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see"  ( Hebrews 11: 1-2 )